I don't know why but I find it so difficult to make female friends.  I'm a really nice person and I love people but I don't know why its so hard for me. I can make them but I can never keep the friendship. There are only like two girls I'm friends with close friends anyways.  whats wrong with me?!

When I was younger girls were very mean to me... and for a long time i was intimidated by them. nothing was wrong with me or anything like that they were just terribly mean for no reason...

maybe thats why? 

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& now you know why?<BR>Some girls don't worth our relationships !<BR>I'm so grateful we r friend today Sacredvision ;)

look down: guilty.. shy away: guilty.. lol I need so much practice..

It is hard, there are times in which we miss certain things in our lives. I know that I do miss having female friends, but one of the reasons too, for me is I work alot and feel that I do not have time, therefore I do not want to hurt anyone so I shy away from making new ones. That too is not good, but because of my past I do shy away from the female friendships, there is also the other side of it as well, look at society and what females expectations are too. Most of them, want you to look a certain way, act a certain way etc.. Just be yourself, and those who see the inner beauty and make sure you let that shine through will come your way. There is also something in which I have noticed myself that may help. All positive energy that you bring out, brings forth postive people..its a magneet. Keep your head high, never look down, and always smile even if you don't feel like it, so it for yourself, at least once a day.<br />
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omg.. our history is very similar.. but most of my male friends avoided me after a while.. It still hurts but I've got a female roommate who is nice.. we can talk about female stuff.. so I'm recovering a bit.. <br />
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@lady dove: yeah I trust people too soon.. but I don't go that far.. I also kept an aloof ex<x>pression as to expect I would get hurt at any moment and perhaps I felt like I need to impress the girls by my wit and enthusiasm.. things felt easier with guys.. I tend to relax completely when I'm with them.. I missed being with them..

I read your story and I know how you feel. It was hard for me to make and keep female friends as well, but it was easy to make male friends for some reason. Most of my friends where males and that was ok with me, but I so need a female friend, someone to connect with etc, still to this day I cannot find a female friend that I can relate to without getting hurt, or used, that was and is my problem, so I searched for reason's and I found out why, by writing out things that made sense to me, as to why I did not have alot of friends when I was young, and older, I found out that I was scared. Scared of getting hurt by a female. It went all the way back to my childhood, as my Mother never wanted me. I felt that all females where the same as I was hurt by many in my life. I am the type who would give the shirt off my back for anyone, and this is what hurt me, I trusted to fast, let them in to fast, and I except everyone for who and what they are. Sometimes, and maybe this is you as well, there was one female in your life that hurt you in someway. Something that really tramatized you, but you did not think it did as much as it has. The only thing you can do is be yourself. Don't be anything less than that. For females/males.