Until Here...

I very much have been blessed here.

I have had a number of bad experiences with females throughout my life, ranging from the first two women in my life being the two figures I distrusted most, through to having female friends abandon me during anorexia, due to the fact 'i was in smaller sizes than them when out dress shopping'.  Never mind the fact there was never a smile on my face, envy prevailed.

I always kept female friends at a distance.  One I allowed to get close started stalking me a while back and had a sexual interest in me, which was the last thing I needed after having confided in her about my past.

Then I came here and I met a number of fruitloops that were very alike me- had no ulterior motive or a jealous bone in their body.  They shared random things with me, from discovering we only can read the first page of a new book when we are 'in that mood' to banter, and stories, revealing parts of myself that I never have before.  The first day I was here I met one of the most long-standing- with her little yellow face awww, right to a collection of fruitloops and skittle throwers that I love very dearly and trust.

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6 Responses Feb 20, 2009

Just the opposite. I have no problems. All the chicks I know want to be friends. But I'm a guy.

I think I stole your experience of 'I throw the purple skittles at mean boys' .... I know how hard it is to trust, and women in particular. If you need someone to listen, let me know. =]

ooooh that is lots of fun =)

hehe we have lots of fun throwing skittles!


*hands flutter a big bag of skittles* xx