Glad to See Im Not the Only One

Its always been hard to make friends with girls for me. Unless i grew up with the chick it was a battle. I've alwasy been around guy so i picked up their bad habits. I speak the truth which sometimes when it comes to chick you really shouldn't do. With guys you say what you want and they get over it a min later with chicks OMG! it takes like months!!! Over the years i did made really good friend with 2 chicks that aren't my family. And with them it took years for us to understand each other. I wont lie to them and thats why we hang out lol its sad but true if you getting on my nerve i will tell you if you look stupid i will tell you if you about to buy something ugle i truly will tell you and I want a chick to do the same to me. Im as honest as honest can get and i'm VERY blunt at times but i'm learning how to slowly keep that under control lol but im still working on it.

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2 Responses Feb 27, 2009

lol i'm so with you on that one! i love my gay friends and i trust them the most i know they aint gunna lie or b back stabbers! it gets to me to but i blow it off

I can completely relate. The truth is, except for elementary school, I've never had any female friends at all. I don't know if it's me, but it does get to me. Chicks are so clique-ish; they just don't want any outsiders. The closest I come are having gay guys as friends and frankly sometimes they make the best girlfriends.