i hate girls. i have one girlfriend every few months...but i reeeeally hate girls. their friendship never lasts and they always insist that every conversation revolve around someone elses drama. i hate it.

if you happen to feel this way as well, hit me up. i need some NORMAL girlfriends...

misskrissywithaK misskrissywithaK
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Lol this is soo true, it's irritating how most girls can have a descent conversation without bringing up someone else's life up

HAHAHA! TRW thats too funny! and Betty, i know what you mean. the few femal friends i have had were much more like guys than womsn. less emotional and whiney...more laid back....<br />
<br />
blagrh. screw females. lmao

I hear you, sister.<br />
My mate J's girlfriend just gave birth to their daughter and aunty TRW is already on "anti *****" watch for the lil one. :)