I Reach Out And They Back Off Real Fast

i guess that it's just hard to understand the weird way that people are but i would really like to see a drew or dr phil show about this dynamic of making friends.
i find that i am sympathetic, apathetic and listen really proactively  SO  what's the problem?
I recently made friends with this person on line and we had a similar high interest in the bible and the things of the
spirit life with God, with Christ.
met up once
then i found my communications with this person were not being responded to as was case
Am i too sensitive and feel easily rejected?  Tell me what is this strange distance i can feel that crops up?
What would you do in my shoes..
i mean
you don't want to say.. is everything ok with you i just sense something is wrong.. and start acting stoker like
so what i do is just lose the number and retreat scratching my head for yet another time.
Any suggestions??
2deep2sleep 2deep2sleep
May 11, 2012