People: What a Disappointment

They're obsessed with themselves (because they're insecure), quick to dominate others given half a chance (because they're insecure), and quick to offend and quick to take offence (because they're insecure). 

We all are, of course.  We're all the same.  But some of us are cursed with the sensitivity and the perception to see it for what it is.  That's the hard part.

gooseandbucket gooseandbucket
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3 Responses Mar 17, 2009

Indeed, those who can see it cannot see when they themselves do it - although they know they do. I sadly can't see it anymore - I lost the perception when it wasn't needed anymore. So, on I plod - blind. Hopefully I won't become anymore of a p***k for it. Thanks for sharing - very well put.

True, it's a conundrum. If we believe that about people, it makes us more reticent about making connections with them. It doesn't make sense (either logically or emotionally) to put yourself in a vulnerable position, and yet that's exactly what we have to do to make any kind of meaningful bond with someone. Vexing.

Human beings are selfish creatures... But what makes this worse is the fact that we are so dependant on others, all we do if hurt each other, not all the time but this is the truth.