No Drama, Please

Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of wonderful female friends. It's so much better conversing with men though. With girls it's almost always some random drama that's not very nice to discuss. With guys it's actual topics that make you think. I do my best not to talk about people in any negative way and besides, guys are just more laid back fun anyway:P
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3 Responses Jul 21, 2010

haha, I love that last part! "Unless he WANTS to be stolen" I certainly don't want to steal anyone's man is enough to handle! haha.

i agree 100%! with guys, no drama convos...they just make you think and are fun to be with. i have a ton more guy friends than girls...which the latter could be a result of the many friendships i have with guys. just b/c i like to kick back, relax, and fun with guys, doesn't mean i'm going to steal your man. geez. well...unless he WANTS to be stolen ;) lol

hey thanks for expressing ur frank opinion :)