I Find It Fascinating When I Dream About Others

I sometimes dream of people who are around me (such as friends, family, co-workers, etc). The information I get about them in the dream is about what’s going on with them. It could be within their lives or what’s on the inside (their heart), situations in their households, love/marital life, etc. At first this made me uncomfortable for the fact that I believed I was eavesdropping on people! Slowly but surely I realized, “I can’t help what I get (dream wise) out of the blue. Apparently I dreamed of them for a reason.” As soon as I stopped blocking so much (not wanting to intrude) and became more receptive to the dreams I started to get more dreams about people. My circle of friends always say, “If you dream about me, let me know!” They seem to be open to it which causes me to relax more (and know I’m not eavesdropping). I’m not 100% open to it just yet, but I know once I do I will have a lot of more these kinds of dreams.


Years ago I would have a dream and ‘I Am’ playing the role of the person I’m dreaming about. Well when I wake up I think the dream was about me but there would be a feeling I’d get that I’d somewhat know it wasn’t about me. This way of course caused too much confusion for me. I wasn’t too sure if the dreams were or weren’t about me (until the event actually occurred). So I decided to ask if the dreams are indeed about someone else please show me the dream from a different point of view. My dream guides granted me my wish!  Now when I dream of others it’s like I’m watching a movie (while being on the side lines). I am confident in knowing that the dream is really about so-and-so!


This is what I see in the dream: There is an action going on in the dream. I’m standing there on the side lines watching it but the people don’t see me. I’m getting really good at this now because sometimes while in the dream I am consciously aware I’m dreaming about so-and-so. I’m carefully taking it all in because I know that the next day I will be contacting them to confirm!


After the dream I contact the individual and ask, “By any chance were you talking to so-and-so about this or that?” “Were you planning on doing this?” Or “Did you change you mind about this because of that?” And the reply I get is usually, “YES! How did you know?” I used to scream "OMG  You're kidding me!!" But now I’m a lot calmer and more confident that what I dream is true and I don't have to be as shocked anymore. However I sometimes still get 'goosebumps' and a couple of OMGs here and there  depending on the person and the content of the dream.  

My dreams are golden and they haven’t steered me wrong. I know when they are telling me the truth! If some one doubts the positive outcome that I just revealed, “I’ll tell them I’m betting on my dreams! You’re going to get the job!” And needless to say the person gets the job!


The most amazing dream I had about others: Friends of mine live in one city and I live in another. I literally dreamed of the kind weekend they were having. Where they went, what transpired in their household, what their feelings were like in the different events! That was super duper over the top for me. Those events did happen and I was able to describe certain things (including materialistic items) right down to a tee! 


On the reverse side, when I do want to know how someone I haven’t spoken to in a while is doing, I’ll just ask my dreams to show me how they are doing. I may not see it in a dream the same night but its coming!


As far as being open to dream of others out of the blue, I'm still working on 'letting it all sink in!" Eventually I'll get there.






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this happens to me too =]