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I have read a book called Risking by David Viscott in order to gain some more confidence in myself being around others. I can relate to quite a bit that is in the book, but still do not have a significant amount ot courage. I still feel like I should be someone else in order to be accepted by people.
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i should look up that book then

I personally had to re-read it many times before I was able to garner enough personal strength to risk meeting another person. We are now friends on Facebook and talk almost everyday. One thing that always held me back was the feeling I wasn't going to succeed. Whatever, you are looking for, don't expect absolute success as that can leave you disappointed.

That is truely my feelings im 21 and I acted wild from 17 to 20 an I got pregnant and moved north with my mom to start a better a life an my mom went to jail so im with my grandparents and it bothers the crap out of me that im not successful but im just hoping for a big success of moving out