Why Is It Just So Hard??to Be Me??

Hi..I am Jassie.

I am generally an introvert. I feel good about myself most of the time that I am special despite being an introvert. However, at some occasions, I just wish I could be like my other extrovert frenz who have plenty to talk about and never run out of topics.

I am myself in front of some friends but not so for most of my friends. In the end, I get tagged as quiet,shy,introvert and mysterious. I want to have a total makeover from an introvert to at least a rather extrovert.

When I am me in my room, I just talk on and on and I am very cheery. But why is it that I am not this way in front of the people whom I know??I feel that I am going to be laughed at and I have the feeling that I might embarass myself and tend to be extremely cautious of whatever I do...

Pls help me!!!


Jezz19 Jezz19
26-30, F
Mar 25, 2009