Too Polite

I think must people r too polite to say what a load of crap ur story is lol
emgirl1568 emgirl1568
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I have called out a few.

****, not on this side. I'll call someone out quicker than ****. I've felt that same way the whole time I've been on this site.. like the damn sex with daddy stories and crap like that, it's like, whatever.. and that doesn't just go for their stories.. I love when I see pics that are of models who I am familiar with by name and know for a fact it's not the girl claiming "me at 14." What the **** ever. I called this one girl on her ****, the models name is Madison, and she's definitely not 14. It's funny how quick they block you just because how full of **** they are.

If they get that silly I read it as a fictional story and if it is totally silly than I will usualy ago reading halfway through.