Ive Been Trying For 5yrs With My Air Force Fiance

Ive Been trying since i was 17 to get pregnant. Ive always wanted to me a mom.
Im 21 now my fiance is in the Air Force. We jus started trying again.
I jus found out that somethings not right with my Cervix.Its in a weird spot and kinda hard to explain but Now that i think i kno what Ive/we have been doing wrong i hope we get preg in the next yr. other wise were off to a fertility specialist to make us a baby that way :)
I feel like EVERYONE is getting preg and i envy them so much i cant stand to be around them :( Its not fair that we gotta go through this :/ But Im going to pray lots and have lots of hope.
I love watching videos of daddy's and mommy's coming home from the military. It warms my heart. To have a Little Us will be a dream come true. I cant wait to get married and live on base with him. To be able to sleep with him every night :) Soo Close yet soo far away.
Pray for us
Lizzy & Kenny
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May 10, 2012