Perhaps i lack something?

I think i have a sufficient social experience and knowledge; no issue with confidence or self-esteem; i am able to communicate effectively and i know whether i talk too much or too little. I am sure that my mind is capable of making good judgement about social situation (what to talk about, what should i do, etc) and that i think i have a good interpersonal communication skills. To put it simply, i know how to socialize "appropriately" (not too formal or too rude) and understand about social cues (those subtle and non-verbal massages), and is able to speculate what other people think or respond.

However, despite all of that, it is difficult for me to make friends. Making friends should not be that hard!... but i wonder what i am lacking.

After some thoughts this is what i have found:
I have an unusual personality and mindset that makes it hard for me to be compatible with most people. Perhaps, i am just not interested in wasting my time for other people. Or perhaps i am just plain busy in my life.
spinningtime7 spinningtime7
22-25, M
Aug 16, 2014