I Find It Hard To Make Friends

i am quite a nice guy. i do suffer from low self esteem and low self confidence. so i find it hard to make friends. i mean i had friends when i was at school and that but i have lost touch with them they went away did their own things got married etc. so i have no friends at all apart from my family.if i want to go to the pub i would have to go on my own.i just dont know what has gone wrong

defoekeane defoekeane
36-40, M
1 Response Oct 23, 2009

but you know it´s never too late to reach out and connect with people. I´m sure you can make friends. usually people respond very well if you show interest in them, ask them questions and so on, rather that focusing on how to make people interested in you. just go ahead and try. some might respond, others not but that´s ok. this is your life. make it happen even though it´s hard.