As the group name suggests, I struggle with articulating my thoughts and opening up to other people. This may put people off when talking to me, and it might make me seem cold-hearted or whatnot. But I'm actually a really friendly person, always here to help others, or just casually chat.
One of the main reasons why I don't open up to people is because I feel like I am irritating them, or interfering with their schedule. So unless I am certain that I'm not bugging you, it's unlikely that I will open up to you. Also, I don't trust people with my issues very easily, due to past experiences gone wrong, however the past does not restrict me from trusting more people. If you are worthy of my trust, I will trust you - I assume that's the same with many people nowadays.
One more thing, just by telling me that you are always here to talk, does not mean I will turn to you for help.

I will not apologise for who I am, deal with it.

Rawr 🐯
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Hm, I don't open up to people because I'm either obnoxious or have a black and cynical view on the matter at hand. When you got ****, you don't throw it at a fan. Just keep it hidden and hope no one notices the smell.

But that's just me.

Me too

Glad you can relate :) it's always a pleasure talking to you!

: )