Are you ever so consumed in life that you can't possibly shut off the swirling mess that goes on in your head at night? I feel like I spend my day barely alive, barely there and at night is when I truly come alive. My mind is like this machine it just never stops, spitting out thought after thought. And it might possibly drive me insane one day. Im probably not even completely sane today, because it does get the better of me sometimes. Can you really battle your own mind. Aren't you just battling yourself? Or do I just feel this way because, Im tired. On day three of no sleep, its 5am and I have to be up in 3 hours. Sometimes I just wish there was an off button to put me to sleep. Wake me as the fully productive person, I'm somehow suppose to be. Rather than leaving me with deep dark circle under my eyes, that make me look ill. All I want to do is dream.
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Woah... I know exactly what that feeling is. I searched for that off switch myself. that's why idle time kills me. Just have to do or think about something. For me the trick was to divert and focus it onto doing something creative. When the surge was too much I sit write a poem or a para about something. Just to get even. Sleeping is when the real problem starts. Everything eases out and you have the giant machine working full throttle inside. So I imagine and literally create an entire life story just to ease my mind. Sometime I am part of it, sometimes not. the good thing is you can live many lives in those moments. i can keep on going. What I am saying is I know that feeling.

That is so weird.... I literally do the exact same thing! I create all these stories and lives in my head at night, just to kill time or possibly to make up for the loss of dreams. Or I open up my sketchbook or write a poem as well.

It is wonderful actually. I feel so much energy inside me, i virtually can't to anything at times. May be it's the fear of overdoing stuffs and the inconveniences it might bring others. I sometimes take up the most intricate problems in life, in science or anywhere and try to untangle it. Just to keep my mind engaged. Wow.. should try that. It taught me so much. Things that's seem sane around you are actually stupid and vic versa. I suggest you use it to grow internally. You could make it your strength. cherry on the cake is you can enjoy humor well coz you can picture it easily.

I absolutely well try that! I often find myself caught up in researching and just learning new things and educating myself on varies subjects, and it really does gives you this whole new perspective. You should consider writing some of those stories you create, if already don't. You'll never really know how wonderful they are until you've read them again. Thank you for making something I thought was a problem seem so wonderful :)

Yup, I will try writing those stories down. Nice suggestion. And happy to hear this helped you. :)

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