I Taught A Boy Who Said...

I work in a school and was currently in a religious education lesson with a class of 11 year olds.
We found ourselves on the topic of dinosaurs when one boy just HAD to bring it up only to deny venemetly that they existed, I quote; "nah, I don't believe in dinosaurs" as the teacher and a few other children indignantly asked him how the bones got there then.
He was a Muslim yet the teacher was also Muslim and honestly said that yes, there was a conflict there for her religion and for herself also but I guess there's no reasoning with some, no matter how young.
As an atheist I found his delusion quietly amusing. I didn't realise people didn't BELIEVE in dinosaurs up until that moment.
Thingybobby Thingybobby
26-30, F
Aug 3, 2010