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Isn't It The Worst?



I had a friend when I was about 10-11 who's mother vehemently denied the existence of dinosaurs. Now, when I was this young I found it silly, not even realizing it was tied to her fundamentalism. Once I grew older and found out religion is the reason behind grown adults denying the blatant fact that dinosaurs DID exist, or even worse, allege that we were walking along side these creatures, I can't help but giggle, and then have my stomach turn in a bit of horror. This is the majority, this is our reality, Yikes! Anyhoo, I found a place where people like me can talk more openly about these things, any of my friends who decide to join me in this new place can message me for my username! Plus it'll be a better time, I will actually be able to have an opinion without having my posts removed without warrant! Yay for freedom of speech! Yay for being able to simply state an opinion without prejudice and being censored constantly!







CaptainHotPantsPicard CaptainHotPantsPicard 22-25, F 8 Responses Nov 9, 2009

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Great post! Thank you

People who believe this are fundamentalists, there are many Christians out there, not nearly as many Christian fundamentalists.

And yet the people with this warped sense of reality can vote just like the rest of us and their votes count the same as ours do. Scary. It's no wonder Sarah Palin has an audience.

Thanks! But on a serious note (takes off glasses, chews the end and gazes off into the distance), if you REALLY want to see how far it has gone, check out "Wow", is all I can really say about it. Really? Humans coexisting beside HERBIVOROUS T-Rex's? I almost cried for real after reading that. It's the Bible Belt's version of Disneyland, I guess...but without the teacups.

ROFLS! That was amazing, thank you lol!!<br />
<br />
*consoles you*

Wait, wait, wait. Hold on here. Are you telling me that my entire belief system, the knowledge that I've clung to since I was a child, the overwhelming calming force of my existence and the basis for which I get up every day and live my The Flintstones AREN'T real? Noooooooooooooo.....damn yoooooooouuuuuu! <br />
<br />
*breaks downs and sobs uncontrollably*

Hahahaha, far too many in fact! It's sad.

I didn't know there were people who believed dinosaurs didn't exist!