One Day You're Here, The Next You're Not. Why I Have Trust Issues With Men...

My ex-boyfriend W and I had been together for 4 months.  Prior to dating for these few months, we had been friends for over 2 years.  Our friendship was great and although we were both in relationships we managed to somehow keep in contact, keeping everything cordial and friendly.  At some point our relationships became rough and rocky.  His girlfriend was messing around and my boyfriend was abusing me--mentally, emotionally and physically.  We ended our relationships and continued our friendship until December 2011.  December 2011 we began dating and decided we would take our friendship and turn it into a relationship.  It was a long distance relationship but everything was great :) I was the happiest I had ever been in months!  We never argued, never fought, never disagreed.  We would visit each other (I live in Florida, he lives in Alabama) and we would spend as much time together as possible before we had to leave.  Our chemistry/connection was unbelievable!   I was smiling more, I was glowing, and life was GREAT.  He had a job interview down here and was planning to MOVE here because the distance was killing us when we had to leave one another.  The day of the interview we went apartment searching and found a place that was PERFECT that same day :) This occured Tuesday, April 24th...on Sunday, April 29th he broke up with me.
That Friday (27th) I woke up my usual happy smiling self expecting to hear from the love of my life.  I called and text got no response until I was on my afternoon break at work. At approximately 3:30 that afternoon he informed me that his car got reposessed.  I tried to be there for him as best as I could, ask questions, and showing genuine concern but really what could I do with me being in Florida? I even assured him that I didn't get paid until Monday and could help financially then but until then I just didn't have the money to help.  As we were talking on the phone I knew he was frustrated and trying to figure things out so I asked him if he wanted to call me back.  He said "yeah".  That night I never heard from him until I called him and when I called he didnt answer.  He replied with a text saying "oh so youre just now deciding to call".  He had never said anything like that to me before and he had never had an attitude with me before so I was honestly and truthfully shocked to get this response.  To make that extremely long story short, we never spoke until Saturday morning and even then it was very brief and he said we would talk later b/c he was traveling and had horrible reception.  I called and text and got no response.  After staying  up until 5:00AM worried sick I finally went to bed only to wake up 3 hours later and call and text and got no response until 10:45AM via TEXT saying he was mad, upset, frustrated, got in late and was in a bad place.  Now mind you, I've called and left voice messages and still got NO call back.  He ends up telling me he needs space.

All because he was stressed?? He wouldnt answer any of my calls or texts after that.  Even when I asked "what about us being there for each other no matter what?" no response.  What ended up happening was I got sick, stressed myself sick--wasnt eating, wasnt sleeping, my health was BAD because I was deeply heartbroken.  He deleted me from his facebook, deleted me from his twitter (however I had a 2nd account already made for school purposes which he didnt block me from so  I could still see if his tweets under that account if i wanted to) and I would call literally hundredes of times. I was going crazy. When he finally did pick up the phone his tone was cold, attitude was arrogant and cocky, he was mean, rude ALL of these things I had NEVER seen from him before. 

Now he's dating someone else. And calling her all the nicknames he used to call me and it really just blows my mind how he can get over what we had so quickly..,and the scary part about it is, the girl looks like me and we both have similar butterfly tattoos on our shoulders.

I trusted this man wholeheartedly and just KNEW he was the one.  we talked about and planned our future and everything. And all of a sudden, it's gone.
I can't give myself to anybody else.  I don't have the energy to go above and beyond for someone, to love someone else or to even want to cath feelings for someone else.  He left me damaged y'all.  And Even though a part of me wants him back I know things would never be the same.
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Dont ever trust a man they are wolves in sheeps clothing. They are good actors because they are psychopaths.