Men Always On The Lookout??

Hi... Ok new to this, but I had to vent my frustrations about men !! lol

Is it just me, but why when you are in a loving relationship do men feel they are missing something ie: They seem to want to look up sexy women on their computer like some seedy little kid when your out with the kids etc- ok taboo subject as some women dont mind it, but I find it bloody annoying that all males have this pathetic side to them that recieving emails with links of sexy pornographic women is exciting and then while your out going to W**K over it !! how sad... but I know it happens and I dont know why it annoys me, but it just does!!  They make you feel unsexy and you start to feel less of a woman and as much as they say I love you and dont want anyone else... in the back of your mind you know they are secretly looking up **** or googling who is the sexiest women at the moment in FHM !! what have you been up to darling?? Oh not much just doing my invoices !!! YEH RIGHT !!! It makes me soooo mad and I dont know why men do it?  Is it because they are not happy with you ? or is it just a male thing that means nothing... but I cant help but get agitated .... aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 

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Men seem to mostly be huge pieces of crap.
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I feel the same way... I know I shouldn't have been looking but he left his phone while working, and I found a vid of two lesbians in next to nothing ******* feeling on each other and moaning. I don't / can't watch ****, it represents all I hate about society today, it's sick and so is this world. Saying it's a 'guy' thing is ridiculous, if you love someone as much as you claim to you would be checking them out, making them feel good, having sex. I rarely have sex anymore as he works waaay the hell too much and always claims to be tired, which I find bogus since we used to every day, I know my p*ssy is still tight as hell, I'm in shape, I may not have gigantic **** like the ****** he looks at but I got *** and men hit on me left and right, yet I never consider them, I don't ogle men, when I'm with someone there's a reason, and I have no reason to look at other men, even in past abusive relationships I have never strayed or had a 'wandering' eye. It's the degradation of society and human morals, half the reason women aren't respected is because so many of them dress like ****** on a daily basis, in public settings, places where you should respect yourself enough not to look like a damn **** star or something.. if you ob<x>jectify yourself others ob<x>jectify you, and men are so used to seeing **** and *** and everything else on t.v., commercials, movies, sex is everywhere and it makes me sick... I can't trust men, i've been f*cked over too many times, I trust him, but sometimes I find it hard when he has the damn supermodels in bikinis on the wall in our room, it is a serious non open relationship, he knows my opinions and feelings on the matter and just blows me off, and I don't want to fight so it's not worth even thinking about lol I remind myself of Lois on family guy, suppressing everything and winding up with a tumor haha. I don't know if he watches it, I know he watched **** while single, but claims not to. Deceit is deceit, a lie is a lie and a broken promise is as good as one.

**** him dude, seriously **** him. Society drives them to be single a good woman is a chain an pursue the hunts. Good hunting hunters go ******* hunt somewhere else

I agree with the comment about a man being able to control himself. I mean come on! How would men feel if all women did was ogle and stare at OTHER hot men all day?! It is ridiculous and is so prevalent in our society and detroying relationships. Meen don't have to have a 'real' relationship with a woman anymore because they can live out their fantasies through **** on the computer or whereever. When they are not looking at ****, they are just plain checking out other women right in front of you which was a big part of why I divorced my ex. he couldn't keep his eyes to himself, he lived in a fantasy, the real thing (me) wasn't enough for him, we hardly EVER had sex, (not because I didn't want to) and all of this led to the disintegration of our marriage. i don't trust men either. It doesn't matter how hot you are or how much you love them, they are always looking...

I agree wholeheartedly (big surprise, huh? LOL!!)

The main thing is the deceit, not really the ****, as such. To suggest that a man "cannot control himself" is absurd and excuse. In many relationships, the woman does not mind, or even enjoys the use of ****...if it's in the "open", so to speak. The thing to keep in mind? Deceit IS deceit for a reason.....and is a fair indicator of a person's character in all sorts of areas.

Please check out my stories here on EP.And then if you'd like add me as a friend.I am in your same boat right now.

it does seem that many of them are always looking to see what else might be available, never satisfied with what they already have.

its a male thing that means nothing, and women make men feel really unsexy when they go on about how georgeous all these film stars are so yeah its not just men, and plus a man needs to ********** as his sexual organs constantly produce ***** and testosterone, so plenty of ******* are good to release that unless you want more sex than you can handle? and for all u know he might be looking at his invoices lol why dont you go over and look at the screen...

Women don't go on about other men nearly as much as men go on about other women. Trust me. And lots of women LOVE tons of sex, but their men will still cheat on them just because they like variety.

Agreed. I became an escort because I have ptsd and cant work. I see married men ALL THE TIME. And their wives dont have a clue. Also, please dont judge us "******" and such. Men are the problem, not us. And id rather be a "*****" than the suffering wife.