Not only is it soothing but the rain signals the renewal of life and replenishing of the once dry earth. The growing back of the dry and damaged and the new life be it plant or animal.
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5 Responses Jul 27, 2010

I am down for that!....Been making plans for being able to go back to live there again....the hard part is being patient!!!!!...did you live there? visit there?...either is great....peace and the right amount of rain....SS

we must go back together to Kauai hey serenity. lol

I love it so much that I sleep each night to the sounds of rain and thunderstorms....makes me feel cozy and is perfect for cuddling up with a great book.<br />
<br />
I must admit, too many days without sunshine can bring me plants, I need a little sun to thrive. When I lived on Kauai there was almost always that perfect blend of rain and sun....I miss Kauai.....peace...SS

let it rain down on me then please! i could use some replenishing!

its interesting how our lives revolve around water. it is what all life is based on. its present is the beginning and sustenance of life and its absence signifies the end of it.