The Long Wait

This is a true story of my life; it's sad that i must write this. A couple of years ago, I would never think my life will be like this. I grew up in squalor conditions in a small rural village on my parents farm. they are peasants, as such we didn't grow up with much privilege. No running water, no electricity, no tarmac. I struggled through school( the only child to get education in 9 siblings) It was never easy for me. Moreso, being a girl in my community meant being married off at a tender age, 13 or younger. It was difficult for me. But I won a government scholarship to university where i studied sociology and English. I knew this would change my life, and certainly the life of my family. I would get a good job and pay for my sibling's education and also supplement my parent's meagre income. Life would be better for us. But what a dissappointment!!! Two years later, I am yet to find any stable job. I live in the city where life is terribly expensive and nobody cares your struggles and needs. I walk from office to office looking for jobs, but get none. This is in spite of my high scores graduating with a First Class Honors from the university! My family is dissappointed and nothing can convince them to think the education was worthy!

As if this is not bad enough, I am 25, and single, with no apparent prospects of getting hooked up. My last relationship was a year ago. It feels terribly lonely! Jobless and loneleness have become such a toxic mixture which has made my life unbearable. I really can't understand why my life came to this. My dreams are shattered, hopes dashed and my smile gone. I have turned to God in prayer every day in the hope that some light will pop out at the end of the tunnel, just someday...and that ALL my tears shall be wiped out.

I am thinking of probably enrolling for a Masters this year to increase my employment chances in future and may be also hook up someone...only time will tell, but as for now, I have no idea where I will get money to foot my bills; house rent, water , electricity bills and food. I Find It Very Difficult and Lonely

troubledmind troubledmind
Mar 2, 2009