He Annoys Me To The End Of The World

Girls I know always say he's really hot...but he looks like an 11 year old girl, not a 17 year old boy. Plus, his music is just annoying and he uses auto tune (which I can't stand, because I sing solo and in choir, and I consider auto tune fake singing...because it is). One time, when he was asked about his "haters" he said they were insecure bullies. What? Everyone has the right to their own opinion, and it doesn't make them an "insecure bully"...I am completely confident in my self and I am in no way a bully. 
oliveostrovsky oliveostrovsky
2 Responses Sep 25, 2011

he's 17?? i seriously thought he was, like, 14... ^_^

Haha I know he looks like 12

Wtf? "insecure bully"? Y would he think dat? C'mon I don't lik him cuz he everywhere & it's gets pretty annoying. Dats my opinion.