This group is for those moments in life where you step back and look at yourself and the situation you find yourself in a think "What the . . . how did I end up here?"

I have these moments occasionally and I have decided I want to write them down to remember. But better yet, I want to share them with friends, so here I am.

Alright, my latest story. It is so ridiuclous. I am in the basement with my best friend. I recently joined the fencing class where he is an assistant instructor, and he has invited me over to give me some personal training. I don't have my own equipment, so I had to use his (his foil [sword], gloves and mask). But then that left him without a foil, so he pulls out a real sword. I am standing there with a foil, the kind that has a blunt tip, and he is standing there with an ornate, Lord of the Rings-type sword. We must have looked so ridiculous, swash-buckling around in his basement.

elizabeth1618 elizabeth1618
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1 Response Feb 12, 2009

funny stuff :)I too do that... step back and go muah...hahaha.... he he teeedle dee