Koala Bear Hug

I call it the kola bear hug. You have seen it in movies. The boy and girl are madly in love (or at least lusting at each other) and after an extended period away, the girl throws herself into his arms. He lifts her up, wraps her arms around his neck and her legs aroud his waist. He hold her close and they kiss passionately. The woman is completely latched onto the man in the koala bear stance.

I found myself in this position the other day, but the roles were reversed. I was wrestling with a friend from my kung fu class. He was teasing me, saying I wasn't using any technique. At one point we found ourselves both on the floor tangled and I thought "I will show him, I will just stand up and forcefully keep him on the ground." I outweigh him by 40 pounds and have two inches on him so I thought I could just use brute force, even though he has more technique than I do. I did manage to stand up, but in the process he had koaled beared. I look at him, with his arms around my shoulders and his legs locked around my hips. I smiled, holding back a laugh. He sputtered "I think we are supposed to to be opposite. This is completely wrong." I laughed and so did he. I tried to shake him off, but his grip was to strong. I feel over which broke his grip and we went back to wrestling.

Let me make sure you understand how ridiculous this was. I am average sized for a woman, but he is very petite for a man. There I am, standing with this little man clinging to me. He didn't have his shirt on, which I am sure would have made it even more ridiculous if someone had been watching. Hence, the koala bear hug, minus the kissing and the man is doing the hugging.

:0) liza

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4 Responses Mar 23, 2009

aw what a feel good story. i can only imagine, how that must have been. thanks for sharing!

Good imagery there I got it in my head straight away. Must have been seriously funny, pity there is no photo. Would have made a great vid for youtyube, maybe you can stage it again and film it. I am sure it would still be funny as it is a very funny situation visually.

Very funny and cute. I probably would have fallen from laughing too hard. These are the fun things in life. :)

This is definitely educational :) The koala bear hug. Thanks for sharing the story!