Love A Strong Man

As a woman I am soft and femine and I am proud of the woman that I have become. I respect myself and those around me. I am very aware of who I am and what I need in life to be happy.  I am hopeful for my future and that of my partner and I know that I am loved and that I love. I know my faults as well and one of those faults is that I can lose control of situations and then I need a strong partner to be there by myself to calm me and to comfort me. I love a big strong man. Call me old fashioned but I love having a strong man in my life. 
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I know that he can calm me down like no one else. i will be boohooing and he will say something and I forget why I was crying. it is weird the effect he has on me. No one else does.

It is that women can go all batsh!xt irrational crazy, men just have a rational grounding effect during our feminine hysteria!

Thanks ladies.

Very beautifully worded and I can identify with that completely. :)

I agree with you FG. Sometimes when you get out of control its nice to have a partner that can comfort you and support you. I find that masculine men can do that. It still depends though. :)

I am very blessed to have a wonderful man in my life.

Oh it is very very sexy!,

I agree with this I could just loose myself in the strong arms of my man makes me feel cared for and protected. I love cuddling ^_^<br />
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I also find masculinity not just calming but also sexy