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I Swear I Have Them To My Circle.^^

I find both masculity and femininity combined in women attractive. Not only an exudes intelligence, in overall attituded by also reflects confidence. My mother who shows this kind of personality has influenced me a lot. I came to admire women with such charm. Though masculinity has been stereotyped or been taken as arrogance, masculinity and feminism combined needs discipline. It's just one thing one can't be seen readily, it can be felt with how it could please us, or how it could knowingly irritates one person.
And for one thing I can tell, not by words but by the effect of that over all personality a woman is able to attract, unknowingly. And I swear I have been finding those women/ladies here on EP. And I find it a pleasure knowing some of them to my circle. Thanking them for their friendship. To letting me know their minds.
ladyryan ladyryan 41-45, F 4 Responses Jun 21, 2012

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Women with character and conviction and self-confidence interest me. They are wondrous. <br />
Of course (how do I put this?) they can be a bit challenging, difficult, stubborn. <br />
Still worth it, though.

Aah. . . that's another way of describing them "challenging, difficult, stubborn.
Still worth it, though". Nicely put.^^

Every one has both of it, some has less of one and some of other..

I totally agree. So tell me, which do you think is more of you than the other?

both same :)

We all have androgen and estrogen in our systems, men more of the former, and women more of the latter, but it is the blend of these that makes us fully human. So it is with personality characteristics, emotions, and intuition. I admire as historical figures Mother Teresa of Calcutta and Margaret Thatcher, who both came to prominence during my life. They offered relentlessly bold toughness while remaining completely feminine. Perhaps your circle includes women who have an ideal mix for their time and circumstances to lead the adoption of bold new ideas or rededication to peace, love, justice, and mercy. I know that I've met some remarkable people here who happen to be women.

Two prominent figures I heard to be have that character. Thanks for citing them up here to me. And yours is quite a good read to compliment my story. Thanks for the explanation.

Yes, yes and yes again. I think it's a strong mix of the male and female in either gender which makes people interesting and makes for strength of character. Well said.

The "strength of character", a phrase that connotes a much deeper meaning.Thank you Womaninbliss for your comment.