Math Everywhere, And I Have But One Mind To Apply To It.

All my life math has been my first love.  It fulfills me, it amazes me, it calms me.  It is predictable, orderly, fun, constantly new in some facet I have not found before.  The simplicity of it, the patterns it fills, the close relation it has with nature and science and everything in life is astounding.  To find this group is remarkable!  To find others who find pleasure in doing things mathematical, from the little whimsical things to the deep reading, is a significant event for me to locate this group.  Thank you, for gathering here and expressing your thoughts!  Feel free to share and talk of this, i would love to converse on the subject.  It is my fun, not my job.  If only i could have both.

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any time, i try, i always try.

I know where I go if I need help figuring out an equation.:)

It''s like my love for music, James. I would love to be able to do it, but I can only appreciate it from a distance. <br />
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What you should do, in my imagination, is to post all the hottest new or old mathematical discoveries you can think of. Like the old Scientific American puzzle column. Like, did you know the biggest prime number we know so far? Did you know it's an infinite series? (I think that's right.) Did you know you can map algebras on to topological spaces? Whatever. Just make it easy enough for normies to understand.

It is certainly understandable that people have significant feelings about it. the beauty of it, the simplicity, the ease with which significant information can be gathered through such simple processes.<br />
i too am not a "believer" in the organized religion sense of it all, but i have learned to have a tremendous respect for the rules that keep popping up in nature and science that follow patterns easily described with math.<br />
The cultish nature of the groups that flourished a few hundred years BC, closed and secretive with stern and serious punishment for breaking ranks and leaking secrets. such power was seen as massive, and i can see where a godlike essense came of it.<br />
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our current day concept of "he who knows how has a job, he who knows why will be his boss", bantered around by many, speaks of the rules and processes being more significant than the application and results. this is god like, in a small way.<br />
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it is good to find others, as i stated early on, here, who share a serious attraction to the beauty of mathematical works.<br />
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thanks! for sharing<br />
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Math is one of the most amazing achievements of the human mind. Ever. It's interesting when people have mystical feelings about that, because that's also part of the history going way back. Plato thought geometry was a meeting with the mind of God. I'm not a believer, but I'm pretty sure a lot of mathematicians get those feelings. Something about discovering amazing regularities and 'getting it." <br />
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Dynamics starts to make sense when you start to look at motion, like planetary motion, but also anything else that changes over time. Not that I ever get into the proofs. Just the concepts, enough to get a feeling for it.

I have fallen off the deep end with Fibanocci and tau, repeated decimals, magic squares, and the history of prime searches, the algebraic manipulation of series and sequences for specific ends. has an almost religious nature seeing applications of tau, especially, to real life and nature. <br />
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it was only when i got to differentials did i get finally lost and confused. the real applications of dynamics is beyond my goals. re'studying calculus and differential equations, lately, after 35 years of mostly disuse. amazing how much comes back, but with a real struggle.<br />
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self study math is much tougher than structured.<br />
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i still stumble at proofs, but admire the twists and turns taken to acheive a step or transition.

Hi OrionsSword, I find George Cantor's proof of one-to-one correspondence of natural numbers and rational numbers very contrived and artificial, which is goes so much against intuition. And yet math is impaccable....

Do u feel the same way??

I love to read about mathematics, and I know the basics, but I do not have the patience to work through proofs. My best friends are math freaks, as I think about it. I wish I had met them before, because through our friendship I think I could have found the patience. <br />
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The most exciting book I ever read was about Goedel's proof! Incredible. <br />
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wow..I know someone else of my acquaintance that feels this very same way... I can appreciate how this could be so .. the ordliness of it .. the fact that it will add up no?.... <br />
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I wish I could be this way ...but me I love the absolute chaos and unpredictability of life ... *sighs* I wish I could be more like this =-)