How I Got Into Interracial

It all started when I was about 18 years of age . I had a party at my parents house and had about 50 people over , we all new one another , The party was out side by the pool and everyone was having a great time. and I had to pee so i worked around the either side of the house and pulled my **** out and just about to start to pee when I heard someone moaning . i looked up and could just make out in the dim light of the moon, to people under a small cluster of trees having it looked like sex so i looked on at them . They could not see me I was standing by a thick tree with my **** in my hand. I was shocked to see who it was, it was a girl friend of mine she was laying on her back with her heals dug into the back of a man and her hands on his *** pulling him in . That is when I notes' he was a very good black friend of mine. instead of turning and walking away in shock. I started to get very hard . You see I new he was hung because I had seen him when we were changing at the racket courts after a game. So there I was with my hard **** in my hand, I am about 8inches, and it felt bigger that night . I started to stroke my uncut **** slowly and the head of my **** was wet with preecum .that is one of the nieces things of having a for skin, one has natural lub . so as i stood there i heard him start to groan and she was meeting every groan with a yes, yes, yes, yessss, then she said *** baby *** ,*** deep in me ,ooooooo yes I love it . Then one low OOOOOOW came from him and i new he was shooting his seed deep in her and she saw milking every bet of *** from his seeds. they staid some there hooked together for some time i was still stroking my swollen **** . i could not *** because i had not peed yet so i slowly put my hard **** back in my pants and slipped away . i was so excited about what i had just seen my girlfriend having that well hung black **** deep in her . I sat at the bar table and saw them come around the conner of the house. she was heading to the door of the house and he went to words the bar i then went towards her and came up to her as she was going in the house . i asked her were she was going she said she needed to go to the bathroom i told her to use my bathroom. i needed to show her something so she followed me to my room as we got in the bedroom i turned to her and gave her a lip locking kiss . and put my tong deep in her mouth she looked a little surprised because she could feel my hard **** pressed up agenste her . she said what got you so excited . you my love, i told her, then eased her to the bed. she said, no i have to pee. i then lowered her undressing her and started to kiss her neck ,as I was making mmy way down I could smell the sweet sent of sex she had on her . she said No hun. i then started to lick her and could taste the sweet taste of sex . I opened her lags and started to lick on her swollen luba, she started to moane as i did this. i could not believe how excited i was knowing she had just had a black **** in her and their love juices were right there by my tong as i licked around her shaved swollen lips I then made my way back to her mouth with the salt from her love making she opened her mouth for my tong . i new she could taste her juices and the mixture of the *** on my lips and tong, then she moaned telling me how she loves the way i am kissing her this way i told her, I know and that i love the way she taste to night . my **** had so much preecum on it as i slowly entered her with the head of my **** as it slid so smoothly in her, it felt so good . looking right in my eyes, she tells me you like the way it feels love . Ooo yes love , you're so hot and stretched open and so wet. I love it,as i say this she moanes and kiss me agin and tells me she to loves the way it feels. we make love slowly for quit some time i can feel the *** from my black friend starting to leek out of her and down my shaft as i ease it back in and out of her , she starts to shake and i feel her squirting all over my **** and balls then i tell her i am going to *** and add it to hers . i then say i love mixing my *** with her and the *** from a nether man . she exploded as i told her this. and said i did see you there standing by the tree with your **** in your hand and new you were ok with this black friend of yours in me . he was so deep in me love and i love you so much. if there is a sexy womenthat likes this contack me .Mark
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Sep 17, 2012