Extremely attractive and a glorious site. As they hold their childs hand and walk down the street. Or push them gently on the swing at park. Or have their child sit on their lap going down the slide. Kneeling in front of them and softly saying loving words. Seeing them at a sporting event and laughing with each other and giving high fives. A man that can love his children so beautifully, I can only imagine how he loves his significant other. Huge congrats to all the amazing fathers that don't know we are watching and admiring. Thank you!!
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I am a single father of three and they live with me. I can't imagine not being like that. I feel so lucky to be with them.

Good for you! I'm sure you are doing what's best for your kids. It's not always easy but it's the best job. Good luck.

Hanging out with my daughter is the highlight of my day- We've been having an awesome time this summer- going to the water-park nearly everyday- and a little note for all Moms and Dads out there- no matter how important, Candy Crush Saga, Flipboard, Facebook, Twitter or even EP is- it is never more important to giving your child your full attention. Leave your phone at home, once-in-a-while and just BE with your Kids. They will love you for it.

That's great! Best memories keep enjoying