I'm Amazed That I Find Myself Not Finding 1% Genres For My Likes And Interest

Everywhere I go ... To try to find my interest and genre likes on the Internet or TV.

Yeak! Yeak! Yeak! Yeak! Yeak ! Yeak! Yeak! Yeak! ... On and On and On ... and so forth ... "Not for Me!"

I was trying to look for my Interest like on "Facebook", "Twitter" and other Sites ... or checking every Channel on my Cable TV and it's ... "Yeak!"!
"This is Not for Me!"

99% Yeak! This is Not for Me! If I am lucky to find 1% ... (Wow! I Like That! This is for Me! This fits with my Interest and Lifestyle!)

I do not understand this Earth and the People who live On It (???)

How is it that it's like 99% Disgusting to Me? And I can't find Kindred Spirits with my kind of Likes, Interest and Genres about this Life.

So hard to find more than 1% of those things that are Interesting and my kind of Genre Likes on Life?
ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
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1 Response Dec 9, 2012

I like the yeak! yeak! Oh I can relate..but I usually find stuff I can like. Youtube has been good to me. I am nostalgic for the 1980's so I get in moods where I think of something and think I'll never find THAT. But I do. I found 3 things in fact last night. More!

I usually find my best shows on the History Channel: "Ancient Aliens" and now "AMERICA UNEARTHED" By Scott Wolter. Just Aired 4 of his Series and I think there is a few more coming as Brand New. Scott Wolter appears a lot like me, except he goes where it is Hot and I don't like going where it is Hot any more. Hot Weather Freaks me out. I am not a Good Person when I feel Hot. I am Ornery and Bad Tempered when I am Hot. Is why I moved to Aberdeen, Washington. I think many saw my 30 years being Ornery and Bad Tempered from California's Hot Weather and I always said I prefered a cooler climate place.