I Find Muscular Woman Attractive

Well you know i met Karen when we were pretty young,she was only 13 i  was 14 and she moved in next door.We hit it off right from the get go she was a real tom boy,loved to do all the silly **** we did and was actually much better at it than all the guys.

We were about a year into being really good friends when she confided that she was going to train to be a female bobybuilder,now i have to say at 14 Karen was not a perfect 10 but she did posses great muscle tone on her light frame and was for sure very strong.

She reallyy got into it at 15,she was an only child and her dad was into the sport but back then a girl with muscles was considered a bit of a freak.She did not seem to mind that and started to train everyday.

I did not see her much for almost 6months and then one morning she was in her front yard playing with the dog,we spoke and i was really impressed that she was not skinny anymore,we sorta drifted apart for awhile and i went on to the local college.Ayear later i saw her there,hey Karen i have not seen you for ages,um she said ive been training everyday for almost three years now.We sorta became real good friends again there she got teased alot and i didnt like it,well we were friends,so i have to end it here and call it part one of Karens muscles

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I have to post because I am naturally really buff and thick - built like a solid freight train aka big boned but also really short and have always been self conscious about it probably because my face looks young and cute and harmless and doesn't match up with my more tough brick house type of body. I have never been into working out to build muscle because I already have that look without trying but I am tired of feeling uncomfortable about it because i'm not getting any younger, I have too many other issues i need to get over by now and life is too short so I am trying to at least stop hating on myself for how i look if nothing else. It's silly anyway since my boyfriend has no problem with it at all.

I work out in a local gym and "Yes" I do find muscular women attractive!

i love women that r strong with big muscles. How much can you lift?

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@ tw71 <br />
Your comment : <br />
" ........... But society is generally so negative about it, the women who are strong like that tend to hide it and not admit to it to many people. ........... " <br />
Is VERY true. <br />
I call it "negative social mimicry" .