Karens Muscles 2

Like i said earlier until she arrived at college i had not had alot of contact with Karen in almost a year.I remember the first day we rode the bus together,it was great we never stopped talking especially about how the muscle building was going.

She was wearing a black sweat shirt and pulled up her sleeve to reveal her really impressive arm.She flexed her bicep gosh it was way bigger than the last time i saw her do that.She asked me to sqeeze it,wow it was hard as arock.Like how big it it i asked 13-1/2" she replied but gets even bigger when im really pumped.Oh i would love to see that.

We became really good friends again and she loved to impress me with her strength.She challenged me to armwrestle with her and you can use both arms against me.I thought she was joking until we locked up.I gave it my all with both hands,she played with my for awhile showing off her impessive muscles and then bam she slammed me like it was nothing,wow she was strong.I will leave the rest till later.

Feb 20, 2009