KARENS Muscles 3

Karen was now working out 5 nights a week at the college weight room,she had got special permission to do this and she was on her own except for me.The facilities were great and the equipment much more heavy duty than she had at home which did not really challenge her strength.I used to set up the machines and weights for her.The sessions could go on for 3hours or more and she would wrap it up with push-ups with me sitting on her shoulders.

I came up with a great design for a push-up machine,i was in the metal working class and had the shop to myself in the evening.It took me a few weeks to complete the project,the machine was sturdy enough to add lots of weight as Karen grew even stronger.

With in a few months she was up 200lbs and 60reps,so i got really curious as to how much she could push,Karen told me to put on 400lbs,your kidding right,no she said i can do it you dont know how strong i have become.Well she was right and did 12 reps with that weight on her muscular shoulders.

She told me to add another 100lbs,like she is going to attempt to push 500lbs with those muscular arms,dam i could not believe it,dam she did 2reps incredible is there no limit to her strength i wondered.

Karen had been training almost 5yrs now,she was not a hulk like some of the females today but she was solid as a rock,very impressive muscles and great natural strength.She never wanted to compete the whole thing was for her satisfaction plus she loved to show of to me how strong she had become.

I will conclude this story in part 4

Feb 21, 2009