KARENS Muscles 4

I had only a few more months to go at college when i bought my first car,a mini cooper 1968 model.Karen was still mking gains in muscle size and strength but it was getting harder to pack more muscle on her 5-4 frame.I think she had about reached her limit,when she flexed her huge biceps her arm would only go a bit over vertical as her now 15"biceps would not let it go further.She had already maxed out the leg press m/c and could push 1200lbs.

On the push up m/c she would do 400lbs for 50 reps,500lbs for 20 and had pushed 650lbs for a couple.She was crazy strong and loved to show off to me i was her biggest fan.We had planned to go camping after college recess and the site was a bit remote but the scenery was brilliant.We loaded up the cooper on a brisk sunny morning and set of on our 2-1/2hr drive.The roads got really winding and hilly suddenly i felt the car handling really badly we had blown a front tire.So i did what all guys do take control getting out the spare and the jack,well as i tried to jack the car up nothing happened,the jack was broken.

Karen just said well i will lift it up and im like no you cant lift this you will get really hurt,yes i can she snapped angry that i doubted her strength,okay okay i said lets give it a try.I did have a tow chain so i hooked thruogh the tow hooks and we checked it out for the right length.I got a really thick blanket and put it over her really muscular shoulders,then the chain.She did an initial test to see if everything was okay,her first attempt failed she was frustrated an i guess the adrenaline kicked in on her second attempt lifted it clean off the ground.I worked like crazey to get the tire changed it probably took me a couple of minutes but seemed longer.Karen never flinched her body straining under that load of 1200lbs i estimated.Okay im done i screemed she just lowered the car down,i rushed over to her took off the chain and blanket and put my arm around her.Are you okay,she was trembling and i was really worried that she may have a heart attack but she was okay after awhile.Karen and her family moved away shortly after she finished college we wrote for a few years but then i got a job in America and never saw her again,I really loved that kid she was great she was my best friend.

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Man, I TOLD YOU BEFORE: <br />
Experience Project is for THE REAL THING,<br />
your fantasy stories DO NOT BELONG HERE.<br />
You are breaking the base rules of this website. <br />
<br />
I reported it, allright.

Apart from the question if your story is written well or not, it is just NOT an experience, but just a fantasy story..... <br><br />
So WHY are you hanging around here, and posting such!!! ??? I thought the goals and principles of "Experience Project" were VERY clear !??? <br><br />
You have opened the wrong door, Sassydog, such stories belong to other kind of websites. Fantasy sites.