My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and my husband invited by card did not ask verbally it read dinner at 7:30 no place so since he was cooking I thought he was trying to romance me boy was I wrong , around 6:50 he came upstairs and said and I quote YOU GOIN OR NOT my sister be here at 7.what a invite right ,So we went to my favorite place Ruth Cris. A very upscale restaurant (he has no taste My idea ) it was bad he not only did not say two words during dinner he watched the game for his phone most of the dinner , he complained about how the food was not good and overpriced , then he asked the waitress if they sold burglars (he's 360 lbs) he should have eaten a salad with no dressing 😄😄 .But anyways not only did ask the waitress for change for a 20 out loud , when we left he had the nerves to yell at the valet for moving his seat in the car ,(she was a 80 lb 4 ft girl ) real jerk right . then later I learned he asked his sister at 6:20 to watch the kids and needed her to be at our house at 7as if she had a suite upstairs . What kind of planning is that. He is so mean I can't stand it .all of this after not speaking to me for 2 weeks ,If that's not enough he gave a card with all this honey this and honey that which leave me to believe one of two things either he know what he need to do to keep me or he just did not read the card .And for thi kicker the card he gave had a check for $300.00 . No flowers , no candy and no sex , I can't wait for mothers day .
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Sounds like my life I would love to give advice but I am still looking for the answer when you find out let me know ;) good luck