I Am Hating My Husband Today!!

I understand what it's like to hate everything your husband does, and to be trapped in a situation you can't get out of. Everytime my husband sneezes, I just want to roll my eyes and tell him to shut up, it's like it's the loudest noise I've ever heard. Sometimes just his breathing bothers me. But, I realize that for the time being I am stuck in this relationship and I just need to suck it up until circumstances (financial) allow me to leave. I understand being mean when he really hasn't done anything (that particular day) to deserve it. Just because he's been nice lately, it doesn't make up for all the crap before. Especially when you've reached your "I don't care point" at the same time he reached his "I'd better be nice or she's gonna leave me" point.I hate his x-box and dread the weekends when that was the time I used to wait for!! I have no idea what to do!

cajunspice73 cajunspice73
3 Responses Jan 18, 2009

wow! you sound just like me seriously but I have a child it makes it all 100 times harder....how can a man treat you like a dog for so long then think when he decides for things to be good that it will all be perfect then? uuuuh wrong I hate you now! I cant stand it he needs to go thru everything he out me thru then see if he still loves me after all of..... men are jokes!

sorry for the misspelled words i have been doing that a lot lately..ugg.

Its just time to leave. Get a seperation and find a room mate if you can't afford to leave on your own. Its damaging to your health emotional wise to stay. It also confuses your feelings you have for him if you stay when you really don't want to. Just find a room mate for now if you can and then let him no you just need some space and time to think about your relationship together. That way you can get away and clear your head and figure out what the next step will be.