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I Want To Touch My Sister

I'm thinking about touching my sister while she's asleep
I love her and she loves me too
But she is very away from sex she thinks it's grouse and bad thing because of our stupid society
She turns the channel when there is a french kiss on tv don't want to tell you she hasn't seen **** before
She is 24 years old virgin and I think she didn't have any ****** in her life
I don't wanna **** her but just want to show her how beautiful is to have an ******
I tried to touch her once she was 17 as we were sleeping in the same bed she got very offended
We sleep in different beds now but sometimes in the same room and she's ok with it I wake up at night and watch her and sometimes she is like a very horny little girl with wide open legs and pushes her legs wider who knows what she is dreaming about maybe wet dream and her hand between her legs not touching herself because she doesn't know about entertaining herself but her body is just begging to be touched
I'm afraid of her reaction when I give it a try
Maybe she'll get mad like when she was 17 and that's what logic tells
And maybe she is very horny that she'd like it
drenergizer drenergizer 22-25, M 4 Responses Oct 29, 2013

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Instead of rushing to touch her, when you don't know how she'll react, why don't you just talk to her? Have a nice conversation, like grown-ups. Talk about what she finds attractive in men, and why she doesn't think she's as beautiful as you know she is. Take it slowly. Eventually work in that you find her attractive, too.

For your first touch, why not caress her cheek or stroke her hair. See if she'll let you put your arm around her shoulder and cuddle while you watch TV. If you rush straight to sexual touching, you'll scare her off; but if you approach her gently, building bit by bit, she'll commit to each level before you move to the next one. Consider what form of non-sexual touch will heighten intimacy between you. Foot or scalp massages can bring her closer to you without triggering her sexual alarm bells.

After she lets you touch her in innocent ways, kiss her gently on the lips (no tongue, not yet). Hold your brotherly hugs just a little longer, stroking her back with your fingertips. Maybe she'll let you spoon with her (careful!). Remember, women have many erogenous zones; making finger circles on her shoulders, chin, or even wrists can bring her to a state of arousal that will make her more warm to you your requests. Only when she's committed fully to physical intimacy with you should you try to do anything that will bring her to ******.

Always remember, asking anybody to do anything big and sudden is scary. But if you can get them to commit to something small, and increase their commitment by tiny degrees, they'll accept small steps rather than back out, especially when it's someone they care about. You may want to open your sister up to sex, maybe even sex with you; but your sister is still a woman. And women, even sisters, want to be romanced. Treat her like a lady, like you should do with any woman you desire.

Good luck to you. Keep us up to date on how things go for you. We're rooting for you here!

Thank u :)

You got your imagination running wild. She is probably not feeling anything remotely close to what you are feeling. Even if the remote chance that she is horny, it's very likely not horny for you. If you act on your impulses, you could end up getting in trouble with the law. Life-changing, to say the least. Besides the price to pay legally, there's an emotional component that will cause her to hate you and your parents to send you away. Like rush said, get a girlfriend instead.

Believe me I won't take a step that would make her hate me or make me away from my family

go for it

What I think is u should get a girlfriend, before you ruin both your & your sisters life. And what you got in your mind is a dangerous idea.....