The Clinch Valley College Wiffle Ball League

as some of you may know, i was kind of a wild youth.
but even more dangerous, i was creative and smart.

and that is where the Clinch Valley College Wiffle Ball League got its start.

i had to start college late due to some family issues and so was a 21 year old freshman.
and the oldest pledge Phi Sigma Tau ever had.
but the brothers were not as hard on me as they prolly should have been.
they respected my age and the fact that i could buy alcohol anytime.
but i still had to take part in the pledge process.

many people don't know tha fraternitys and sororitys have a certain amount of philanthropic (raising money for charity)
work that they just do to keep their charters.
and each pledge class has to raise a certain amount of money on their own.

all of the usual, tired, fund raising ideas were trotted out, and promptly shot down.
thats when i came up witht the idea for the league.
not only would it be fresh and fun, but could potentially keep raising money indefinately.

i know, i know.
you want me to hurry and get to the parts with topless coeds and drunk frat boys.
i'll get there.

the lawn in front of the frat was huge and mostly unused.
the only time the grass ever got cut was during pledge.
so we had the perfect place to play, and i got to work on the rules.

it was simple really.
each team was made up of 5 players, at least 1 of whom had to be a girl.
we placed kegs at 2nd base and home plate.
we standard solo cups and ya had to drink if ya made it 2nd base and if ya made it home.
ya only got 3 swings of the bat, if ya didn't get a hit you were out.
3 outs and ya change sides.
you know, all the simple standard stuff.

generating interest was eassy enough.
there was free beer.
and soon we had more teams than we expected.
but each team brought in a $25 entry fee, and they had to pay a $5 for each game they were in.
and the end the winning team got a cheap trophies and $100 to split.

while my pledge class raked in nearly $2000 for our charity.

now up until the end of the semester, spring was a roller coaster of temperature and precipitation changes.
but in may the weather was perfect, and we were playing wiffle ball every evening and all weekend long.
and that is also when things started to get really interesting.

a wiffle ball is hard to hit even when ya are sober.
but the girls of the 3rd floor of McCrary Hall figured out how to make it even harder to hit.
they were an all girls team and called themselves the 3rd Floor *****.
yes you read that right.
McCrary Hall girls were famous for being easy.
mostly freshmen and sophomores lived there, and the girls were a little wild being out from under their parents for the 1st time.
but as i said, May had brought warm, sunny weather.
and the the 3rd Floor ***** had brought the bikinis.
or at leasst the tops.
the cool spring breeze supplied the hard nipples.

but the Crocket Hall Hooligans were not about to be bested.
in thier game against a power jock heavy team, the Hooligans only girl player, freely flashed every guy that came up to bat.

after taht 1st year popularity declined a little, but it remained a reliable fund raiser.
and when we started selling beer to the spectators, our profits soared.

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