I Overthink

Someone sais to me in school "Why aren't you all hyper today?" and I'll say "I'm not always hyper and random." and laugh a bit.

What I'll think on the other hand is a different thing.
I'll think things like "Do I look sad? What's so weird with me today? Did she notice I'm having a bad day? Am I too calm? Can they notice? What are they whispering about over there? Why is she looking at me? Am I acting weird? Why would she randomly say that? What did she notice that made her ask me right now?" You get the point. This happens a lot.

Someone can say at home "What did you do when you got home today?" I'll say "Not much, and you?" most of the time.

What do I thonk? Something like this... "****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****... Shiiiit! Did he see me talking to the cat? Does he think I'm doing something behing they're backs? Do they know about my EP account? Why havent they said anything? Wait, they might not know. But why did he ask it like that? Do I look bad? What's wrong with me this time? Did someone see me just doing nothing earlier today? Do they think I'm insane? Oh shut up now... It's probably nithing. But what if he...." And so on. I can sit like that for an entire day.

Bottom line, I overthink things. Also, someone can say "You wanna get on Steam and game all night this weekend?" and I'll probably say maybe or naaah...

But I'll think, "This could be fun. But wouldn't it screw up my rythm? Is it too much gaming? Isn't it just for fun? I can do that. Wait, I can't. I need more sleep right?" and such. Just random everyday things. They get complicated. haha.
bluecupcakes bluecupcakes
18-21, F
Jan 10, 2013