The Dude Abides

There’s a complicated apostrophe catastrophe for a group name but, even so, for me, it’s true.

There are, sometimes, good lines about Existence – As in ‘I love a good quote’ - something by a poet, or a goalkeeper, a parable that, if it had much to do with anything real, might help if intoned whilst bathing in relax-o-foam suds listening to the sound of jungles.
How can there be comfort in it?
The sounds of animals eating each other.
Always look on the bright side of life Vs. Life’s **** and then you die.
The 9 billion nuances in between.
9 billion stories waiting for a good sentence, a respectable publisher and someone who’ll listen.
After we’ve abided for a while.
9 billion waiting to be eaten.
CrookedMan CrookedMan
1 Response Sep 21, 2012

Hmm, I tossed off those statements the first day I was on EP and promptly forgot about them. I was surprised to see they elicited quite a response. Not as surprised as I was for not noticing my apostrophe catastrophe though. Tsk, back of the class again.

Sorry to be pedantic. Still a great name for group though.

It's better than 'Nobby Smalls and the Nasal Twangs', which was an up and coming group in the late eighties. Sadly the only member was Nobby - no twangs to speak of.

Incidentally, 9 billion's a bit optimistic isn't it?

You're not wrong. As of today, apparently, there are only 7.9 billion of us. It won't be long though.