At least I'd like to... Here in the Seattle area
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Looks like I'll be meeting a new western Washington nudist friend later this week and possibly a nudist couple at some other time.

Why ?

Oh I'm sure you will find someone to go with - try it ; I did . Just to say that I've done it - it is fun !

Awwwwe ... No pass port :-(


Interestingly we're leaving early Sunday to drive to the Peace River area for a family wedding... Lots of relatives in Edson, Red Deer, Calgary, Edmonton, Grande Prairie... You get the picture.

Being part of a family that has been in Canada since the 1600's or so means LOTS of relatives...

That's a lot of kin folk

I'll be especially nice to you since we might be related... LOL

Thank you for the invite however I don't think that would be a very good idea on my part .

Now I'm confused... :) didn't mean to invite you to anything. I was joking because sometimes it seems I'm related to half of Canada.

Lol .... Yup confused

Pretty country up there - I was pilot driving up that way

That's my home province

From BC myself

I also piloted in the NE of BC

Yeah great country... The Yellowhead

Sure you can no harm in that . Thank you for asking first :-)

I can't because there is no green circle by your pic .

I am still trying here lol ...

Hmmmmm I just did that see how that works for you ... I still can't add you :-(

Yes I also did that J1D8L

Mainly because when I go to a venue like a nude beach, there's no one to converse with because I'm not gay, not there to ogle or hit on women, and many people there are with an existing group of friends.

It's also enjoyable to have like-minded friends, whatever that commonality is.

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