My Sons Dad Passing

I was married to my sons dad for close to 8 years.  I had never heard the term " pennies from heaven" other than once or twice that I can recall him making a mention of it during our life together.  It wasnt something that I gave any attention to, it was just something I heard come from his mouth.  When he passed away in Oct of 09, leaving two young sons, the entire family was devastated.
In talking with my young son about his dad being gone he would cry and say that he will never see him again or talk to him or do fun things with him again and I began to talk to my son about God and Heaven.  I told my son he could close his eyes and talk to his Dad anytime he wanted to, day or night, and Dad would hear him.
Shortly after, I began to notice that EVERYWHERE my son and I went my son would always find pennies lying around.  I had told him once years ago when he was really small that when he see's a penny pick it up for good luck.  So he was now constantly saying " hey mom, there's a penny"  sometimes this would happen 4,5,6 times in one outing.  Once in his room he found a stack of pennies lying on his floor.  I don't know the count but I would guess there were around 25 pennies lying on the floor in a pile.  I began to pay attention to the pennies at this point and almost everyday, no matter where we were, whether it was shopping or going to a friend or families house he would find pennies.  One day I shared with him that those must be pennies from heaven.  I told him that his Dad must be leaving him pennies to let him know he is around him always. 
I have no idea what the story " pennies from heaven" is -or- apparently there is even a song about pennies from heaven?  I dont know but it brings my son and quite honestly, it brings me a great deal of joy everytime he finds a penny. Which these days is nearly EVERY DAY.
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Pennies from heaven it's in an old timey song as far as I know.

I two lost my husbansd and was alone with two girls. one moring crystal needed something for school i had no cash on me or i dident drive so unless i was walking to the bank in the dark she wasent getting what she needed .them promising to bring what she needed to school later when i found a ride. she stop cyring reach in the closet to get her coat before the bus came there on the coset floor was just enoung change to buy what she needed. i remember thanking god but reading this story i beleive it was billy not god or maybe both .thanks for the stories because i believe he never left us all together he is still here and we are still miss him and will always need him .

Hello. I just joined this group today. I have only read just a few stories and came upon yours. I also lost my husband. He had a massive heart attack. He has left behind two boys. When he passed, April 1, 2004, my boys were 5 and 10. August 14th we would have been married 12 years. It still feels like yesterday. I have horrible dreams about it all. We were asleep in bed, when I woke up to hearing my husband gasping for breath. In a split second I was performing cpr on him. It seemed to go on forever, calling 911, waiting and waiting for rescue and ambulance. They put me in the hall while they shocked his heart, I screamed and told them not to stop, why were they stopping! <br />
I myself not so much a beleiver in God. I don't understand why such a great man/husband/father could be taken away from us. It has been 6 yrs now, I will never remarry. My youngest son gets very depressed and angry that his dad is not here. He even told me the other evening that he can't remember his dad. This has made me very very sad. I need a way to go forward and help my boys to do the same. <br />
This felt good telling you my story, yours' struck me. Thank you for reading......