I Will Now Think of a Profile For a Fascinating Person

This person's name is Danny.

He likes Led Zeppelin and jacking off.

He has lived for seventeen years and four months.

He takes great pains to be really nice to people, especially the fat girls.

He has a crush on a fat girl.

He eats a lot of ice cream.

His favorite is cotton candy mixed with strawberry.

He has smoked pot before, and is confused about whether he wants to do it again.

There is a store in his town that has a private secluded area behind it where he goes to be alone and let his mind go blank.

He has sometimes wondered if he is transexual.

He isn't.

He takes his orange juice without pulp.

He takes his coffee with cream

But he only drinks it to look cool.

Lint irritates him.

He has a girlfriend named Hannah.

Hannah is nineteen.

They've known each other for two years.

He smiles a lot.

His dad is a social worker.

There are a lot of dirty socks under his bed.

He thinks Billie Holiday is ******* sexy.

He wants to visit Hawaii.

He prefers to use mechanical pencils.

And he has a profile on Experience Project :)

chelswildflower chelswildflower
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1 Response Feb 15, 2009

thanks babe.