Splitting Personality

I've been meaning to make an attempt to explain the single most amazing experience in my life. 11/25-26/2011 was a rather interesting time for me and I'm not exactly sure what happened.  I spent the preceding days in a state of catatonic depression. Feeling hopeless and despaired I was unable to muster the mental and physical energy to change the problems in my life, but i always had an interest in changing things for the better. I constantly read books on the many methods of personal reform, and I finally identified what seemed to be the problem. I stumbled upon this information by accident while reading a book on mind kontrol. I quickly became obsessed with knowing the truth behind any tested methods of mind kontrol. What I found seemed to prove itself to me by applying the process of  kontroling the mind to myself.  It was a matter of "breaking" the spirit and splitting my personality into compartments. It's like learning how to program yourself like a computer. It's far easier said than done and it requires an extensive knowledge of one self to do. By meditating I learned how to intently focus on the task at hand and easily identify what it took to split my own personality. 
I'm keeping most of the process a secret because it gives me quite the upper hand in my life, and this kind of knowledge can be dangerous in the wrong hands, so the only way that I'll pass this information on is to people that can be trusted by me without any doubt. 
By forcing my personality to spit, I was able separate it into its own compartment. Doing this allows me to divide certain personality traits and assign them to particular mental states with varying emotional dedication. My dominant personality or "host" is responsible for making the decisions required to shift personas. This is generally decided when a certain situation requires a dedicated personal connection to successfully cope with the differences in its originality as a opposed to any one of my separate personalities. 
Over time I've created 7 personalities including my host persona. Each one of my personalities can be combined with another for any situation that calls for particular elements. The "splits" are so separated by one another that each one isnt aware of what the others are doing. My host persona is conscious of the others, but has the ability to disconnect from any debilitating  emotional effects of the others. However, if I am deeply involved in kontroling one of the splits, my host persona can drift into a sort of hypnotic trance making it difficult for me to switch back. I once spent two days in an epsilon state and almost felt like there was no way for me to change back to another split or regain kontrol of the host. It's a matter of extream focus and self-hypnosis. I use the Greek alphabet to label and identify each mental state or persona. 
Alpha=general purpose(host)
Beta=male dominant 
Delta=rational desicion making/aggressive tactical stratigies. 
Elision=female dominant
Theta=spiritual and mental-awareness(psychic sensitivity). Love and compassion. 
Gamma=sexual activity and seductive persuasion 
Ømega=offensive/defensive. Merciless and emotionless.  

These abilities make me morally flexable and capable of ANYTHING. If the rest of the world knew how to do this, it would make for an amaizing existance here on earth. 
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I do the same thing but I believe it's actually easier done than said. Unlike all of the personality you have. I specifically designed three and maybe be programming a new one soon to replace the absences of my youngest personality(Who's watching over my very ill friend). I also will not say how I do this because of similar reasons.

Sin Anm is my more demented side and take all of my negative thoughts. He likes to take in negative thoughts and mature them, so to speak and is my first design.

Mavis Envy, is my general kind purposed personality who is usually used when I'm around groups of people. She's my second design that hides Sin Anm from the world.

Maverik Karm is my more neutral "whatever" guy but is very deep with what set of emotions I do give him. He's currently with my ill friend.

But unlike what you do, I shape these set of personalities to be more humane than even I can be and often have internal conversation and conflicts with controversial subjects. I might program a new design to replace Maverik if my friend doesn't become well soon but I'm thinking that Maverik might become angry at me or my new design..... Any thoughts of what emotions I should give the new one? And any names?

If what you just written is actually true, and it is possible to successfully split your own personality by will, then it certainly is an amazing achievement. I can only imagine how convenient it must be, to swich or combine certain personas when dealing with different situations. Your discovery really made me curious and I most definitely will research this phenomenon :)

Thank you. I'm glad you find it interesting. I certainly do.
Your research on the matter may come up rather short, because it's basically new, and any information I have on it hasnt been published. I think what I'm doing hasn't been done before, and if it has, I have yet to know about it. The concept is new, but uses older elements of psychology. The closest thing to what I've done is somewhat related to REBT(rational emotive behavioral therapy). REBT is a start in the right direction, but "splitting" requires a higher degree of mental awareness, and social abilities. The end result to my method is a liberated "soul", that has little to no room for failure, because of their ability to traverse any obstical in life, however small or large. Personality "disorders" don't exist. Difference dosnt mean disorder, so differences in personalities don't necessarily mean problems. Personality "disorders" are characterized by their extream emotional traits. Emotional attachment to personalities is important, and separating them disolves any detrimental affects they may have on the person. Like I said before, it like programming the mind like a computer. Separate files, and programs acting independantly, but kontroled by the host.