I Just Don't Understand Why the Hating...

I don't understand how some people can stand themselves.  I'm half-asian and I hear so many pervy things.  And rude things.  I used to live in the downtown of a city and walked everywhere.  A hobo yelled at me from across the street, shouting: "Soo-ey!  I smell a pig! Go back to your country!"  I did nothing to instigate such behavior.

I had a manager when I was a housekeeper who was African-American Muslim.  And she openly hated asians.  How can a minority hate a minority?  Her boyfriend, who worked with us, attacked me once, but claimed I did a "kung-fu karate" move.  ?!?!   wow.

I'm told how I am assumed to be in a relationship and bed due to stereotypes.

How can these people not see that they are acting uneducated and rude?

ororolebeau ororolebeau
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3 Responses Feb 11, 2009

sad miserable people. rise above them, and enjoy yourself and the diversity of humanity.<br />
<br />

I feel you man, racism and homophobic thoughts should just fall over and die (not the people, but the opinions), we live in a modern-day society, many things should be acceptable these days, but how come I feel like I'm in the Middle Ages when I look how some people treat other people?

Yes you are right racism, is like you said, is uneducated, and rude..<br />
I may also, such behavior can be a danager to people that is derected at..