Do You Really?

I have many battle scars from various accidents, fights, stabbings and a gun shot wound. I've written about them here before, but this group caught my eye. For years I have been self conscious about my scars. Recently I got my worst, or best (depending on the view) scar of them all. I was hit with a bat in a assault. I received 18 staples in my head for my efforts. Now, I have to come to grips with the fact that there is no place on my body that is not scared up.

My legs have scars from hopping barbed wire fences. My right ear was ripped in half and had to have a lot of stitches to get it back on my head. I have acne scars that dot my back. A stab wound on my left forearm. The list can go on for ages. It makes me feel like a circus freak most times. Of course people say they think its cool, or whatever. But for me I wish I did not have most of them. Mainly cause they ******* hurt when I got them!

Seriously, who would find it attractive? I have heard people say that chicks dig scars, but damn! Check my profile pics for the shot of my newest scar on my skull.

*Walks away whistling circus music* Do do do da loo do....
EricS EricS
36-40, M
2 Responses Jun 29, 2010

uhhhhh. i dont know you or anything. but your scars sound SEXIIIIIIIIIIIIII.!!<br />
i love men with scars or freckles but anyways. they def. sound sexii. i dont think u should be ashamed of them. well depending on how you got them. but either way turn on for me. ;)

Baby your scars, in your eyes may not be easy on the eyes, but to me it is part of your life's story that unfortunately has left marks that you may wish were gone. But remember that it isn't about the imperfections noted, its about the whole man, not just his parts that I love. You are a great looking man in my quit thinking otherwise :-) You love my body despite what I believe and I love yours......every inch of you!