I Find Serial Killers Fascinating

I have read nearly every article on crimelibrary.com. I guess I just have a lot of morbid curiosity concerning the subject.

On the other hand, maybe it runs deeper, because I am also studying to be an embalmer.

Yes, I am an odd cookie. :)
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Bundy studied the ways of serial killers before he actually became one.

It's okay to be an odd cookie. I personally think that people are fascinated with serial killers because in each human being runs the capacity to BE a killer. Some just act out with it and do it numerous times. I do not believe a person is born evil. I believe people are shaped strongly by experience, and each of us, being extremely different and unique individuals, react to those experiences, backgrounds and realities in whatever way they will. I am not condoning heinous acts, but I think I understand a little behind why we are fascinated with serial killers. We also have to admit that we live in a culture that glorifies violence. Sex is considered taboo but it's okay for us to show bodies being ripped apart and show action, gore, horror, and glorify guns blazing. We have violent video games, violent music...and we probably have the highest number in the US of serial killers. That doesn't surprise me in the least.

hmmm...no offense...but i find this kinda concerning....some people who are fascinated by violence end up being violent. i find it fascinating too tho, so i am being hypocritical. but maybe we are delighting in evil and it is slowly rotting our cores?

Uh yeah, Im not sure I would want to be your roomate at this point. <br />
ha ha <br />
<br />
But well the subject of crime and serial killers is interesting. <br />
I have read a few books and such on the subject and find <br />
it interesting. Its just weird that some people get to that point<br />
where they wind up like that. and it seems to be happening <br />
more in the world. I think its partly because a lot of the <br />
things that set people off are more common and available. <br />
we live in a world that is saturated with violent images.

i wouldn't say odd - someone has to do that type of work and if that is what u want then go for it. i have a fascination with or rather a curiosity about serial killers as well. the mechanics about it - what the mind goes through etc. i watch programs/bios about them and i have read books - it is sad what they did to the victims but it is just my curiosity about them.

Not odd at all, I'm an 18yo girl and fascinated by true crime stories, my friends think it's weird, morbid, even a lil sick. One of my friends asked me if I was considering a career ba<x>sed around those lines and when I told her no, she told me I was disturbed!


Oh yeah, me too. Im doing a Bachelor of Criminology and it is so awesome. I am just intrigued by them. I swear I have read so many books - text books, and memoirs by various Professionals who have made their lives about catching and researching serial killers, and how they did it, and just about every biography of serial killers I can get my hands on. If you guy want a good read, check out 'The Iceman' its about Richard Kuklinski, who was a freelance hit man for the mafia. It was awesome - some of it was really grotesque, but his story is just unbelievable. If you like that sort of thing, this book is for you. Also, from the other end of the scale 'Whoever Fights Monsters' is a memoir by Robert Ressler, who was the man who coined the term 'serial killer'. He was seriously THE MAN at the FBI in his day, and still works cases now. He talks about catching different serial killers, and he pioneered the program of interviewing serial killers to get a better understanding of them once they were incarcerated - and he discusses meetings with some of the really high profile killers. He was also the guy who gave advice to the director of Silence of the Lambs. It was a great read, even though the book was published in the early 90s its awesome. If you read them, or already have, let me know what you think.. And if you guys know any other good ones, please send your suggestions my way.. Thank you!

I don't think you are just because you want to be an embalmer. Someone has to do it right? ;-) <br />
<br />
Major kudos to you for standing up for what you want to do instead of hiding out like others always do; only to be afraid of what people may say or think.

You're not that odd. When I'm done at the community college I'm going to right now, I'm going to study to become an embalmer as well.<br />
Or maybe we're both just weird...and morbid. :)

I really dont even think being an embalmer makes a person weird.
Its a profession that somebody has to do.... and there are a
lot of other jobs out there that are similar in nature.