I Like To See How Their Minds Work

the thing i find most fascinating is how their minds work and rationalize or even in courage this type of behavior. its terrifying to read a book or watch the news and see men and women, neighbors and family members being taken away in handcuffs and their horrible stories revealed. to think that the man ringing you up at the store or the guy mowing his lawn next to your house could have a deep dark secret. the scariest part is the majority of them seem so normal. a man named Sinthasomphone who was only 19 actually escaped from dahmer and ran to a cop car. he tried to beg for help and dahmer was able to convince the cops the man was his lover and that they had just had a fight. he convinced cops...

I wonder what makes some people astronauts and doctors vs. serial killers or mass murderers?? and will we ever know??
highvoltage27 highvoltage27
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Jul 22, 2010