Need Someone To Talk To About This

Serial killers are my obsession. It's been a long time hobby of mine that i cant seem to ignore. I try to talk to my friends about it. Their thoughts and ideas and anything really but everyone is to nervous about the subject. They'll listen but they dont really understand or want any part of it. I need someone who will talk about it with me. I also like meeting new people so i dont have to just talk about death, killing, blood, and the such but just chating for fun! ^_^ hope i find people who share my well, lol obsession.
Zanrod Zanrod
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mmm im glad im not the only one who feels this way towards people who commit such cruelties. most people look at me in an odd manner when i glamourize their intelligence and creativity. i need someone i can talk freely to

Talk to me. You won't regret it.

I'm fascinated by serial killers too, especially ones who eat their victims. I've read everything that's out there about Albert Fish. I'm not going to say he's my favourite serial killer because that implies I like what he did, but I will say he's the one I find most interesting. <br />
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Just the way he sent a letter to the family of 2 of his victims describing, in graphic detail, how he killed them and what he did with their bodies once they were dead... Sick, really sick.

Hello. I completely understand. I'm not exactly "obsessed" but I have a healthy interest and find it incredibly interesting. willing to chat at any time, because like you my friends get a little creeped out. specially if we're watching a tv show and they comment or quote a serial killer and get it wrong, so i obviously correct it and my friends just look at me like WTF? lol

Same. I have had a fascination with serial killers for quite some time, but fortunately I am lucky enough to have friends who support and even agree with this fascination. I beleive many people have this interest but are afraid to admit to it but really the whole fascination comes from our own human condition. Many of us have similar thoughts to these people whether we admit it or not and it is quite normal to wonder and search for answers of why these people do what they do. That goes not only for serial killers but any notorious people as well. Being fascinated with this does not mean you are "abnormal." In fact, many of the people that won't admit to it are obviously fascinated by it or it wouldn't be such a hot topic, considering its something that affects EVERYONE.

I'm so glad I found this website. I've had an obsession with serial killers for years. I'm just not sure why I feel the way I feel. Which is kind of scary to me, my friends don't understand. I have no one to talk to about this kind of thing either

Thats exactly how i feel! If you want or anyone in that matter id love to exchange some way of IMing or somthing of the sort. It would be nice to have someone to chat over these things.

I'm fascinated by serial killers, murders, psychopaths, and all the "evil" types. A lot of people simply call them "evil," "disturbed," "broken," or something else to label them and put them into a neat little box outside of "regular humanity."<br />
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But, to me, the very fact that they ARE people who DO those things reveals a very dark but very real part of the human condition that I think people deny. People insist they're "inhuman" to avoid the possibility that, *GASP*, we all could be just like them. They are human and we are human -- and it's a terrifying thought that they're only a *little* different than the rest of us. If so, what does that say about *us*?<br />
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Those are the kinds of things I think about when I see these people on TV or read about them. (Or when I'm squealing over Heath Ledger's Joker -- LAME, I know, LOL.)